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As far as the safety of our products is concerned, LAMP and DAFIL have always been avant-garde. We began with the test which met the standards required by EN 71/2 & 3. In 1987 we were one of the first toy suppliers to use this test.
Over the years the guarantees which we offered were ever greater.
In 2005 our nylon and polypropylene yarns were produced in accordance with EN 71/9, even though at the time practically no one asked this of us. We were around 5 years ahead of our competitors.
Having clients all over the world, we also received input from other regulatory developments regarding toys.
As ever ahead of the required deadlines we implemented, with positive results, Appendix17 of the REACH standard (points 4-7-8-20-23.1-43-44-45-46-51-52)
More recently we continued to work to these standards with the addition of the test required for use in other fields, and in so doing increased the safety and tranquillity of our project.
For example in 2012 we added, to our already certified standards, those regarding ZEK 01.4-08-category 2, those required by IPAH.
Once again ahead of the game, as far as the world of toys was concerned, by at least 3 years...
Then we went one step further.


In January 2015 we began 5 months of studies, research and upgrading, with the precious helpof our suppliers and maintaining uninterrupted contact with the I.I.S.G. Italian Institute for Toy Safety - I.C.Q. (UL group).
We started with components and substances which respected not only the standards of EN71 and appendix 17 REACH but also those of the Food Contact panorama as far as raw materials anddyes were concerned, and those of the Cosmetic and Oeko Test, with regard to auxiliary textiles. We tested and processed 8 different types of poly-amide and polypropylene, 14 spinning lubricants, 53 master-batches and 19 pigments and achieved a total of 410 different colours.
All of this to create a portfolio of 169 lines of coloured Nylon and one of 65 colour lines for polypropylene which all conform to 41 tests from 11 different regulatory standard tests, through which around 300 potentially dangerous substances are sought out and the level of theirpresence analysed.
To all of the above we added 3 tests dedicated purely to performance, the products stability with regard to light, dependability when chaffed and an aging test.
The result of all our hard work was our being awarded the “Safe Toys” Trademark by the I.I.S.G. Italian Institute for Toy Safety - I.C.Q. (UL group).
In the links in this page you can find a full list of the tests performed and the reference standards, a comprehensive example of the documentation and of the certifications which, colour by colour, we can send to customers and simulation of a BOM and MSDS list, colour by colour, is also available. We are the first agents in the world to receive this trademark on a line of products, this kind of recognition is usually only given to the multinationals who produce toys.
We will stick to our guns, convinced that, against all the odds, being different still counts.
Tenaciously, Self-Confidently, Proudly.
Blue Sky Italia


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