How it all started

The best producers of nylon and polypropylene dolls hair have always been Italian. This is the presentation of our story over the last 40 years.
Sair, Dafil, Dollyfill, Lamp. Names that have made history.
This company's Dolls Hair was used on Cicciobello in the 70's, on the Little Mermaid in the 80's, on the Magic Pony in the 90's, also on the Tanya dolls and more recently on the Bratz too, up until 2007.
Altogether more than 31 million kilos of thread sold all over the world from 1965 onwards. An indisputable fact which no one can challenge us on.
But over the years while Sair shut up shop and Lamp took over Dollyfill, the geography of worldwide economics slowly changed, passing from the concept of “beautiful” to that of “ cheap”.
In 2009 Italian yarns were still considered to be the best, but for reasons that were purely macroeconomic the remaining companies had been pushed into a corner, relegated to the periphery of the market, forced to downsize drastically and then to close.
Dark times. Sad goodbyes. Doubts. Confusion.

Key facts today

At the beginning of 2015, we, the founding fathers, partners and production managers of Lamp, decided to re-establish the business. Convinced that expertise and development are what it's all about, we are still in Italy and we have reunited the key players from our original employees, giving life to an agile, reactive new company which is capable of producing 1 million kilos of yarn a year.
In this way our wager, our challenge, our ideal, Blue Sky Italia, was born.
Using only the best of the technology available to the previous company, we have made our come- back, our objective being to get back to doing what we know best.
We have safeguarded our know-how, values and identity uniting them with ground breaking research into leading-edge raw materials, which signify outstanding added value to our products, we are able to guarantee the development of products which respond to the most severe regulatory standards which exist today and also to the most exacting qualitative standards required, and in so doing we have improved the service we offer.

How we do business

Firstly we have completely rethought the offer Nylon and Polypropylene achieving the creation of 2 new colour portfolios whose revolutionary, unique characteristics have made it possible for us to be a new point of reference in two specific fields with both materials.
The same L.a.m.p. Spa facilities – FILO. The same staff. Forty years of experience in this sector, generation after generation, bear testimony to the validity of our products. We restarted from here adding new technology and more efficient raw materials. All this allows us to say that up until now no one has been able to create either a nylon or polypropylene thread which is as soft, as silky as easy to brush as easy to root, a high hiding power and increased tightness of curl.
We also submitted 169 yarns from the  “Nylon” folder and 65 yarns from the “Polypropylene” folder to pure performance tests which reflect the highly specialised requirments currently requested of doll manufacturers:
-Fabrics: Colourfastness to Artificial Light - Xenon Arc Fading Lamp ISO 105-B02:2014
-Fabrics: Colourfastness to Crocking – SRS-042 AATCC 8-2013 Crockmeter
-Heat and Humidity Cycles – SRS-043 Accelerated Aging Test
The values obtained resulted satisfactory. From grade 4 upwards for the first 2 tests and no change in appearance, colour or to touch in the third test, performed under "WET" and"DRY" conditions .
After submitting the above mentioned 169 threads from the "Nylon" folder and the 65 yarns from the “Polypropylene" folder to 41 safety tests from 11 different regulatory laws, we were awarded the Safe Toys Trademark by I.I.S.G., Italian Institute for Safe Toys - I.C.Q. (UL group), a group which certifies, on a world wide level, with the trademark Safe Toys for both lines.
There is a full explanation in our Safety section.
At the same time we have diversified our range developing Nat, a yarn which, if we consider its realistic look, is tailor made for use on dolls. This product is already used in the fashion industry. We have introduced a range called Light, the name inspires one to think of an article which is ethereal and youthful, of irregular brilliance, not uniform, and about 15% lighter.
What is more in nylon we decided to increase the range of Brill colours to choose from. Brill, has always been the pride and joy of Lamp and Dafil, with it's very own portfolio.
Finally we have introduced the concept Brill for polypropylene, in the same way as for the nylon line, creating a specialised portfolio. In order to be able to offer those who use this fiber the same advantages as the others.

Core values

The head office is a structure immersed in the beautiful countryside of the Po Valley and is another example of innovation (all the energy we use is produced by a photovoltaic system owned by our company, the property has ultramodern full led illumination, class 1 for its environmental impact).
With the birth of this start-up we are breathing life back into an all Italian tradition which was all but lost; all this was made possible thanks to a sizeable monetary investment made for reasons which reach far beyond the myopic logic of theshort-term and rather born from our conviction that sooner or later everyone will have to rely on the only real imprint that makes an entrepreneur a bona fide entrepreneur, a company a trustworthy company, a partnership a sturdy partnership: the quest for quality.
What more is there to say... We're back.